Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle


Our wheelchair accessible vehicle is a Renault Trafic for use by passengers who need to use wheelchairs or who find getting in or out of a car difficult of impossible. This vehicle complements the voluntary car scheme and uses the same charging structure.

Who can use the scheme?

The scheme is for frail, elderly people or people with a disability who find public transport very difficult to use. Passengers may bring an escort.

This service is available to individuals and organisations or groups whose members include people who need to use accessible transport.

What is available?

The vehicle can accommodate six seats or three seats and one wheelchair in safety and comfort.


The vehicle is available between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday when not in use for day care or regular journeys. Please ring to ascertain if available.

How much?


Same charges as for Voluntary Car Scheme.

The vehicle is available at weekends with a paid driver charged at 8.00 per hour.

Community groups

Insurance is included but, in the event of an accident, the community group will be liable for the excess charge of 100. To reduce the burden on individual groups a contribution of 2.00 per hire is requested to build up a fund to pay the excess.

Charges are reviewed annually.